Entry Doors are so important for a home, not only for aesthetics, but for the overall function of the door. We help you decide if you want a timeless and classic door, or something that goes a bit more with the décor of your home.

Your Entry Doors Are Your Primary Defense

Out of every door in your home, your entry doors are arguably the most important on your property.

Not only will your entry doors hopefully be there for a very long time, but they offer a couple of different attributes that property owners find necessary. That includes both the appearance that it puts on the front of your home in Longmont, and the security of your home as well. Security is something that some people will go to extreme lengths to ensure, and your entry doors are the perfect place to start.

Except windows, your entry doors are the point where any home intruders and thieves will enter your home from. Once again, your entry doors will last a long time if chosen correctly, and installed by a professional such as the ones at Longmont Window Company. Stretched over the length of years, that few extra dollars you spend to get a more secure front door can make a big difference you may need one day.

If a thief has too much trouble breaking through your entry doors, then they’re likely to give up fairly quickly at the risk of drawing too much attention. Every single second that a thief in Longmont has to struggle with your front doors is another second that either you could call the police or another second for one of your neighbors to notice someone trying to break in. Anyone else here in Colorado, who has experienced a break-in to either their residential or commercial property before, could give you a list a mile long about why every second is worth it.

If shopping for your entry doors was purely about security, though, then there would only be a few front doors available on the market. That’s fortunately not the case, and at Longmont Window Company we have access to a lot more than just a few to give you plenty of options. To help narrow down all of the available entry doors on the market, our experts here at our window company will work with you on what you want as far as look, building material, and durability.

One of the deciding characteristics is how the entry doors will look in your home.

Here in Longmont, we all have our homes painted, decorated, have plants growing in our front lawn, and much more. We do that because appearances matter. That certainly doesn’t stop at the choice of front doors. We offer a variety of them from wood, steel, fiberglass, and more. While our professionals at Longmont Window Company are helping you pick out your entry doors, you won’t have to sacrifice appearance for security or the other way around.

Whether you’re picking your entry doors for the construction of your new home, or having some replacement doors put in because your old ones didn’t last. Longmont Window Company is the right choice for your installation. Give us a call today to get an accurate estimate for free!